The Existential Importance of the Penis by Dr. Daniel N. Watter

Among psychotherapists, it is a widely held belief that women are more inclined to pursue psychotherapy than are men.  While likely true, that is not always the case.  When a man’s penis is no longer functioning as he would like, or as he thinks it should, he is highly likely to seek professional assistance.  At […]

Family Meetings: An Antidote to Stressors of Family Life? by Dr. Jayne Walco

School projects, soccer practice, music lessons, doctor appointments, two careers, childcare arrangements, carpools, meal preparation, chores, battles over screen-time…family life can be quite stressful. Finding time to connect has become increasingly challenging and instituting a weekly family meeting can help provide a remedy to this seeming chaos. There are numerous potential benefits of holding family […]

Grit, for lack of a better word, is good: Putting the research into practice, by Dr. Nathan McClelland

There’s no debate that we live in an age where more and more options for after-school activities and areas for specialization exist.  Budding rock climber? Sure –; the next Steve Jobs? Try this –  Possibilities are endless, but also potentially overwhelming, and it’s impossible to try it all. So what do we tell […]

Prepping for Thanksgiving – not the turkey but the talk by Dr. Stacey Spencer

In a couple of days, millions of people across the United States will be coming together with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving.   This year the inevitable political discussion will likely pop up around dinner tables all over the country.  Given that this election has been one of the most divisive in recent history, it’s […]

Making Peace with Food for the Holidays – A Gift to Yourself by Dr. Joanne R. VanNest

Navigating food choices during the holiday season often presents challenges, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Delicious holiday treats are hard to resist. Decisions about what to eat and not eat at holiday parties can induce anxiety, shame, frustration and guilt. Studies show that depriving ourselves of the foods we love can lead to […]

Four Steps Toward Dealing with Uncertainty by Dr. Francine Rosenberg

When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend offered me a pearl of wisdom that has not only stayed with me as a parent, but that I have used many times in my work as a psychologist.  “Don’t get too comfortable with anything,” she said.  “Just when you think you’ve got it all […]

The Tragedy of Robin Williams: Raising Awareness about Lewy Body Dementia by Dr. Ashley Gorman

The brilliant and talented Robin Williams died in 2014. His death shocked the world, and it wasn’t until later that his family shared the results of his autopsy. Robin Williams’ brain was covered by the hallmark pathology of Lewy Body Dementia (LBD). This disease causes visual hallucinations, parkinsonian features (e.g. tremor and rigidity), and a […]

Selective Mutism, By Dr. Carly Orenstein

The month of September is difficult for many children- the fear of a new classroom, new classmates, and a routine of long school days and homework after the summer make many dread the month. In September, many students are shy with their new teachers. But what happens when this initial shyness does not dissipate at […]

Six Tips for Parenting a Student Athlete, by Dr. Richard B. Dauber

  Parents can have a powerful influence on the development of an athlete.  As a clinical and sport psychologist, I have seen both positive and negative effects that parents can have on their child’s athletic career.  Youth and High School sports have the potential to be a tremendous experience for both children and their parents.  […]

Calm Your Mind in 60 Seconds by Toby Dauber, LCSW

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder and former director of the stress reduction clinic at University of Massachusetts, helped bring mindfulness mediation into mainstream medicine and has skillfully demonstrated the improvements and positive outcome that people adopt when they practice mindfulness.   For quite a while, I have made a commitment to take the time to put daily […]